Beginning Farmer Center

Tips for Using AgLink – Beginning Farmers

  • Assess your readiness. Consider your goals and the types of opportunities you are seeking. Ask yourself:
    • Am I financially ready for this opportunity? Read more about the five main sources of funding for beginning farmers.
    • Do I have a business plan to help me reach my goals? If not, read more about Creating a Business Plan.
    • Do I have the necessary knowledge and experience for this farming opportunity? Do I need to gain experience and capital by working for an established farmer?
    • What do I need? Make a list of the assets you already own. Then asses what other infrastructure/equipment will you need to lease or purchase.
  • Be flexible where you can. Consider:
    • Working into an operation rather than buying outright.
    • Relocating for the right opportunity.
    • Taking advantage of a different type of farm opportunity than you originally anticipated.
  • Get organized. Set aside sufficient time to fill out the application. Incomplete profiles will not be accepted. Be as detailed as possible in your profile by:
    • Adding a profile picture.
    • Telling your story.
    • Listing your relevant skills.
  • Say “Hello!” Once your application is approved, you can browse available farm opportunities. If you see a potential opportunity, favorite it and then send a message! It is up to you to determine if/when you are comfortable sharing your personal contact information to continue the conversation outside AgLink.   
  • Be patient. AgLink is a user-led experience. As such, the Beginning Farmer Center does not assist in making connections or matches between beginning farmers and listed farm opportunities. Typically, there are many more beginning farmers profiles than there are farm opportunities. Thus, AgLink should be just one of the tools used in your search. You should also use your personal network as well as other states’ programs to find farm opportunities.  
  • Stay up to date. Make sure you are regularly checking your email (including spam folder) to make sure you don’t miss any messages. This includes a yearly confirmation that you want to keep your account on AgLink active. To stay connected, you can also sign up for the Beginning Farmer Center newsletter on our website.